/**Malena Morgan**/

Malena Morgan – Pussy Lover

Malena Morgan is the perfect girl to watch if you’re into Girl-girl scenes. She basically only performs with other women. And they’re just as hot as her which should be more incentive for you to revisit her filmography.   Malena Morgan’s Vital Stats Malena is a porn goddess. Another woman to add to our list […]

/**Erika Jordan**/

Erika Jordan – Jaw Poppin’ Jaw Dropper

I didn’t know Erika Jordan was a jaw dropper. Literally. She could sock you one in the kisser and you’ll go down like a sack of potatoes. Yep, that’s Miss Erika Jordan for you. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Who is Erika Jordan and why are we so fascinated by this woman? […]


Carice van Houten is Melisandre The Red Woman – Game of Thrones’ MILF (Or Is It GMILF?)

I can’t believe Carice van Houten is 40 years old! With a kid!  Shit! Most women her age would’ve thought twice about bearing it all onscreen much less acting out sex scenes on camera but Dutch Actress Carice Van Houten certainly doesn’t have any issues with that. Thanks to a regular workout session in the […]