Riley Jensen: Thin, Pink and Inked

Riley Jensen

One of the first porn actresses I started following on Twitter is this girl: Riley Jensen.

I stumbled upon her after checking out casting videos because that’s when you find the new and interesting girls in porn in their first scenes doing porn.

Riley Jensen

For those who saw her when she’d already gained “mainstream” popularity in porn, they’d know that Riley concentrates on girl-girl scenes and solo masturbation but for those like me who’ve followed her career from when she started, this wasn’t always the case.  Riley has a few vids with a male partner onscreen.

Riley Jensen

In fact, her very first video, a casting video with Backroom Casting Couch features her in a lengthy boy girl scene and she seems to have no qualms about getting penetrated by a dick instead of rubbing pussies with another girl.  Her second one, with Exploited College Girls also features her in a steamy lovemaking scene with another guy.  So, Riley may have transcended that phase and has gained enough success to be able to choose the scenes she wants to do which is to be with girls but at one point (two points?) in time, she did have a cock rammed into her tiny pussy.

Riley Jensen

Why would she do that?  Why would she deprive us of the pleasure of seeing her tiny body crushed under a large man as she gets her brains fucked to oblivion?  Well, I guess it’s because deep down inside, she’s really a bisexual who prefers female company over males onscreen.  She says it’s too save her body from doing all the hardcore stuff.  She also says that she wants to maintain that cute innocent façade.  Whatever it is, it’s working.

Riley Jensen

So what’s so special about Riley Jensen that I’d end up stalking er… I mean following her on Facebook (until she gave that up because her page kept getting taken down) and Twitter?  Alright, alright!  I follow her on Instagram too!  It’s not creepy if you claim to be a fan right?  Well, let’s just say I’m a super big fan of her work both in and out of the porn industry.

What?  She has a career outside of porn?

Yeah, before she became a full blown porn actress she used to model on the side to make more money.  You see, being a cashier and a sales girl just isn’t enough for a young girl like her who lives alone.

Riley Jensen

Nowadays she models for tattoo magazines because she is obviously into it.  Her tattoos just keep adding up each time I see her.

But we’re getting too far ahead… let’s revisit her career just as it started.

This is her very first video.  This is a Backroom Casting Couch video that she auditioned in and it’s a lengthy one.

Now, you might notice that there’s a bit of urgency on the side of the interviewer and maybe this is because she was actually caught (unknowingly) in a bidding war between Backroom Casting Couch and Exploited College Girls.  Both companies wanted to take a first shot at her.  Backroom Casting Couch was able to call dibs and she headed there first.

Riley Jensen

Usually, these interviews are a bit lengthy but the interviewer immediately gets right to the point and tells her what’s up, offering her lots of money for her to perform onscreen and for his clients who pay lots of cash for girls like her.

Taken aback, Riley started asking questions about what the job entails and if she can use a different name.  She is assured that she can do whatever she wants.  Her other fear, of having people find out about her career choice, is also laid to rest.  She doesn’t have a boyfriend at this point so it’s okay.

Riley Jensen

Riley is a very tiny girl.  She only stands 5’0” and weighs less than a hundred pounds.  3 years into the business and she still looks like that.  The only thing that basically takes away from her youthfulness is the amount of tattoos she has.  It basically gives you the idea that she is older than she looks.  At the time of filming, she was 19 years old.  She’d be turning 20 on the 28th of August that year.  She could easily pass for 16 the way she looked, dressed and acted during the audition.

Riley Jensen

This also makes her a Virgo and I don’t know if you believe in that Zodiac sign wishy washy stuff but somehow her star sign managed to fit her.  She is shy and has a sharp mind and she’s basically a homebody.  A typical Virgo.

Riley Jensen

She also has had some experience at this time with guys and girls alike but they were only a handful of experiences she claims. She’s never been in a three way or any other type of sexual encounter that would be deemed risqué at this point.  And she had a 5 year relationship with the only guy she’s had sex with ever before entering porn.  So, conventional sex only for this girl.

If she weren’t pretty I’d have shut down my computer and gone to sleep at the prospect of seeing another boring video. Thankfully I hung on in there and managed to finish the entire vid.  There was just something about her youthful looks and readiness to smile that kept me transfixed to my computer monitor’s screen.

Riley Jensen

He gets her naked in front of the camera and we get a glimpse of her tight tiny body.  Now you have to understand that we’re talking about a very tiny girl here so having 32As may be deemed too tiny on most girls but they still manage to fit her.  They’re just tiny little mounds that you could fit in the palm of your hand.  Heck, you could fit both of them in the palm of your hand!

She also has a tiny little ass that’s round and perfect for those who like small girls.

The interviewer is being careful not to scare her away so he’s loading up with compliments and making subtle hints on what he wants her to do.

Riley Jensen

We reach a point where she has to perform a solo masturbation scene and she is asked how she does it.  She replies that she uses a toy.  The guy says there’s no toy at the moment so what would she do in a situation like that.  Her reply surprised me and kept me glued to my seat.  She replied shyly: “Want me to show you?” her unsure manner of response made her seem naïve at that point which adds to her appeal as a young girl and newcomer to the porn industry.

She hesitates a bit and has to be given instructions to spread her legs and touch herself.  She laughs nervously and diddles herself tentatively.  She bites her lip as the initial shards of pleasure permeate throughout her body.

Riley Jensen

She is asked to perform oral sex and she replies that she’s not sure about that.  Shot down, the interviewer asks her to take a seat so he can further convince her.  She eventually relents when everything’s been clarified about how it works and why she needs to suck his cock during the audition.  She gets back on her knees and unzips his pants.

She then plants kisses on his cock.  I have never seen a porn actress do that.  It just shows how little she knows of the porn industry at this point.  Her blowjob skills are, at best, amateurish.  One your girlfriend would deliver to you in the privacy of your bedroom.  She sucks him slowly.  It is sensual but not one fit for porn (unless you’re into romantic porn).

Riley Jensen

She does pick up her pace within a few seconds and starts sucking him harder as his erection fill her mouth.  He helps her by pushing her head gently.  He compliments her that she has good cock sucking abilities (I couldn’t stop myself from blurting out, “hogwash!”).

She gets stood up and asked to sit back on the couch so he can finger her.  Those are probably the only other set of fingers to massage her pussy like that.  It doesn’t take long for her to cum when he places a finger inside her.  She is dripping wet at this time which signals a change of pace for the audition.

Riley Jensen

She is asked to stand up again and this time gets bent over the table.  We get a good look of her face as she is slowly penetrated from behind.  It is probably the most erotic sight I’ve seen all throughout the video.  Her mouth is wide open and her eyes are closed as she relishes the pleasure of having another cock inside her other than that boyfriend she just broke up with recently. It’s his loss and our gain so we have to thank him for ending that relationship too.

From this vantage point we are given the exact scope of how small she is.  The interviewer’s body easily engulfs her as he enters her doggy style!

She must be really tight as it doesn’t take long for him to cum.  Her pussy at this point is also drenching wet.

Riley Jensen

I’m trying my best to give you a really good picture of what it must’ve been like and how wonderful it must’ve felt to fuck her but I’d have to be honest with you, that just wasn’t that good of an audition.

Nevertheless, she did get a job.

Oh, and at the end of the interview she gets a load of cum on her face.

Now you’d think that was the end of that but there’s actually more!  If you stayed til the very end, you’ll find a bonus footage of Riley Jensen coming back up to ask for help.  Apparently, her car’s battery died.  This presented another opportunity for the interviewer to get her in another sexual situation.  He agrees to drive her to wherever she needs to go in exchange for a blowjob.

Riley Jensen

You’d have to understand that at this point she still needed a little polishing when it comes to her sexual skills, after all, she just started.  Her next video was with Exploited College Girls and she does seem to get better in bed thanks to a more intimate setting and a very patient and guiding partner.  We get to enjoy her better in this video. Here’s that video:

Outside of porn, Riley has a lot of interests.  She skydives on her birthday as a form of reaffirmation of life.  She also listens to a lot of music from R and B to Hip Hop to Alternative Music.  She has been known to DJ at parties and she is pretty good at it.

It’s been 3 years since she left the porn industry but that doesn’t mean we won’t get to see her bare flesh anymore.  She’s featured in a lot of tattoo magazines because that’s another of her hobbies: turning her body into a living canvas.  She says the most beautiful thing on her body aside from her smile is her collection of tattoos and man do they look great.  They’re made by the top tattoo artists in the world.  Thankfully, she made enough money from porn and modeling to afford all of that.  She now sports a full back piece and a tattooed sleeve.

Riley Jensen

She still participates in private sex sessions with women and she gets to travel around the world to do it.  She also has a few males in her list of clientele and they have to pay top dollar for her.  She’s been to Australia, England, Dubai and other countries in pursuit of love, happiness and orgasmic pleasures.

Me, I’m content with seeing her posts on Twitter because I obviously won’t be able to afford her.  Not unless I intend to be homeless for a couple of years for a taste of her.

That doesn’t mean I’m not saving up for her though.

If you wanna follow her, follow her on Twitter.  She doesn’t go on Facebook much so her tweets should be enough to entertain you.  Here’s her handle on Twitter:

Put in a good word for me alright?

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