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Lacey Channing

One of the perks of my job is seeing a girl get into her first scene and follow her career without getting tagged as a stalker. There are a lot of girls out there that I’ve kept tabs on for a long time and I’ve seen them as they started out shyly barely able to perform until they gain some modicum of success and become confident in their abilities to pleasure their partners onscreen and ultimately the viewers. Yeah, that’s you fan boy.

One of those porn actresses I’ve always followed around is Lacey Channing.

The first time I saw her was on Casting Couch X, an excellent place to find new talent who are better looking and more professional than in the other casting couch productions. Seems staged, but I don’t care much about it as there is still some semblance of the porn actress’ innocence onscreen as they try out for a career in porn.

Lacey Channing

At first glance, Lacey Channing looks like a nice brunette girl who looks way too young and too innocent to be in porn.  Heck, if she’d tried her hand in Hollywood for a role in any of the drama or comedy series she’d probably be able to land a career there (at least I think so, but I might be biased).

Good thing she tried out porn first.

Lacey Channing

Lacey has dark brown hair and blue eyes. She stands 5’2” and weighs a mere 99 lbs.  She’s a surfer chick from Cali and all that time spent on the beach has done wonders for her body.  She has a very slim figure and I imagine a very tight abdominal section.  She also has a sizeable ass on that petite frame.

The interview opens up with a few tentative questions like how she’s doing, how she got to the auditions and what are her plans in life.  Her answers are some of the most unique ones I’ve heard.  She basically got dropped off by her friends at the office for the auditions and she is planning to get enough money by doing porn so she could fund her schooling as an ultrasonologist.  She’s basically going to bare everything so she can have a job behind the scenes taking ultrasound scans at health facilities… a bit strange but hey, that’s her plan in life so let’s roll with it.

Lacey Channing

She smiles a lot and laughs a lot during the interview.  She is as entertaining fully clothed as she is without.

It doesn’t take long before we get to see Lacey Channing’s naked body though.  The interview eventually reaches a point where the interviewer asks her to strip naked.  She obliges.

There’s a clumsy charm to how she strips off her clothes and it adds to her authenticity as a newbie in porn.

Once everything’s off, we get treated to her tight, tiny body.  She has small breasts, 32Bs, but on her it looks just right.  Her pert mammaries are topped off with cute pink nipples that look so tempting to suck on.  The interviewer cups a feel and we see her flinch a bit, almost unnoticeable unless you’ve spent a lot of time (like I have) watching these types of videos.

Lacey Channing

Going down, we’re treated to a very young pussy, one that’s only seen a few cocks in it.  That’s about to change though.

She says she’s only done it with the few boyfriends she’s had in her young life.  Her sex life isn’t much to talk about except for the time she had a threesome with her boyfriend and her best friend and that one time she had a lesbian experience.  Other than that, she’s pretty much a novice when it comes to sex.

Lacey Channing

She does claim to like being in the reverse cowgirl position though so… that’s something interesting.

Her pussy is also very sensitive.  I mean, the skin around it is pretty much allergic to everything except the mildest of mild soaps.  I’ve seen a video of her with swollen pussy lips just because she accidentally used one that was too strong for her pussy lips.

And anal?  Forget about it!  It’s something she claims she’ll never do.  Just the act of placing your fingers near her ass hole is enough to elicit a reaction from her telling you to back off.  In a nice manner though.  Typical Cali girl, she’ll give you a warning but she’ll still have a smile on her face while she sternly says no.

Lacey Channing

The interview goes on with Lacey striking a few poses here and there on the couch. As she turns around for the camera we are given a glimpse of her tattoos.  She’s got a heart shaped impression on her left breast and two stars right above her buttocks.  When asked if she’d be adding more, she says she’s thinking about it and she says she doesn’t want to have them removed because that operation costs a lot and it hurts.  For the right amount of money though, she’d do it, she added.

Lacey Channing

Finally, the interviewer says she has to perform some sex acts and she’ll be performing those with him.  She doesn’t bat an eye at this point and her career in porn starts at this point.

First she is asked to suck his cock.  It’s nothing to write home about.  She sucked his cock off like he was a boyfriend and they were just doing it in the privacy of her home.  The interviewer asks her to give a more vigorous performance and she tries to do so.

Lacey Channing

Then, it is her turn to get her pussy eaten.  I’ve never seen a girl cum so quickly from getting eaten.  She shudders as she orgasms whimpering all the way to nirvana.

That leaves her with a very wet pussy.

A sure sign that she is ready to get mounted.

And she gets her pussy drilled.

Lacey Channing

At this point, we also get to see just how flexible she can be.  In the next videos she’s going to be featured in, we’ll even get to see her touch her forehead to her knee and contort in impossible ways.

She also gets the chance to show off just how well she moves in the cowgirl position.  She fucks in a very modest manner.  Like watching a real couple fucking at home.  She puts those powerful hips to good use though as she grinds her way to another orgasm.  After that, she shows off her reverse cowgirl skills and that is where she excels in.  Her pussy lips stretched to the limit is a sight to behold each time she lifts her butt up to the point where his cock is almost ejected before slamming back down again on his pelvis.

Here’s the Casting Couch X video for you to enjoy:

This casting video made me want to look for more videos of her only because I wanted to see how she’d improve in future pairings with guys.  It didn’t take long before her Exploited College Girls video popped up in my radar.

The Exploited College Girls video Lacey was featured in had a more intimate setting.  It also starts with an interview but this is more of a conversation between her and her interviewer.  I’d say it’s a better interview than the one in Casting Couch X.

She answers questions while preparing herself in front of the mirror.  In this instance, she is just a girl getting ready for some love making with the guy she’s having a conversation with.

Lacey Channing

Let’s skip ahead and get to the point where she performs in front of the camera.  She starts out with a tentative masturbation scene.  This leads to her using a toy to stimulate her pussy further.  Personally, I especially like the way this video is made as it is split with a quarter of the screen devoted to a view of her pussy while the rest of the screen is filled with her face and body.  It captures everything that’s happening to her pussy and her reaction in real time.

It’s a good thing because she came twice from that masturbation segment.

She gets some help from the guy interviewing her and she blasts off to another orgasm.

Once her pussy has been well taken care of, it is time for her to return the favor.

Lacey Channing

At this point, her cock sucking skills haven’t improved as far as I would have wanted.  It still feels like she’s sucking her boyfriend in her room.  It is sensual though and if your imagination is strong enough, you just might believe it’s your dick in her mouth as you’re watching her.

After the pretty mediocre blow job, Lacey Channing is propped up against the back rest and is immediately penetrated.  She sounds breathless, she pants raggedly and she cums again.  This is the fourth orgasm based on the tally I made while watching this video.

After that, she is placed on her tummy and is fucked doggy style.  At one point, maybe because the guy thought she was lost in the sexual pleasure she was getting, he tried to sneak in his cock into her ass.  Lacey immediately reacts to this by saying “oh, you’re getting too close…”.  This girl won’t do anal and she’ll tell you no with a smile.

Lacey Channing

The rest of the video goes on with the usual cow girl and reverse cow girl positions Lacey Channing eventually became known for.

Lacey Channing had multiple orgasms all throughout the shoot and had to ask for a small break so she could have a sip of water and perhaps give her quivering quim a little break from all the pounding it was receiving.

After that short break, Lacey goes back to the reverse cowgirl position.  From this vantage point, we get to see her young body in all its naked glory.  Slim, petite, pink nipples and tight pussy reddened from all the activity happening in her pelvic region.  Her long powerful legs are capable of pistoning her up and down that pulsating cock.  As her orgasm nears so does the frenzied pace of her bobbing up and down his cock.

And another one blasts off.

Lacey Channing

At this point, I’ve lost count of how many orgasms she’s had. Heck, at this point I don’t even care anymore because I’m enjoying this young girl getting fucked.

On the verge of cumming himself, the guy asks her to kneel down in front of him and he proceeds to jack off and shoot his load onto her face getting it all over her.  The moment the hot jizz hits her face, she flinches again and complains slightly that he got it in her eye.  Typical Cali girl, get spunk in her eye and she won’t even get too mad.  She’ll complain but you won’t even hear any anger in her voice.

Here’s that video:

Lacey eventually moved on to other roles after those first two casting calls and had other partners. She was even featured in a few videos where we get to see her acting skills.  You gotta check out how she performed in My Sister’s Friend and I have a Wife.  Those two videos showcase her potential as a real actress.

Lacey’s range of performances only has Solo Masturbation, Lesbian and Boy girl scenes.  She’s been in a gangbang but technically she didn’t get fucked by multiple cocks.  She had one cock in her and that’s it.  The rest of the girls did.  So, it doesn’t count.

She hasn’t done anal to this day and hasn’t been in a real threesome.  Now that’s what I call having a lot of control over her stock!  Maybe she has a really good manager and he (or she) has made a strict stipulation in her contract that Lacey will never have 2 cocks in her pussy at one time and never, ever, ever have a cock in her ass!  Good call, after 3 years in the industry, she’s still pretty much new stock.

Lacey Channing

She also moved on to doing solo masturbation and feature vids without any partners.

Lacey eventually took off to pursue her studies.  That only lasted for a short while though as I saw her again in 2016 in a video with her portraying the role of a call girl.  This is also the first time I’ve seen her most recent addition to her tattoo collection.  It says, Love and Let Love right underneath her clavicle.

It’s 2017 now, I haven’t heard from her in ages. I’d like to believe she’s an ultra sonologist now.

But, I would really, really, really, really appreciate it if she came back for another set of vids!

Lacey Channing

Also check her out in our infinite scroll:  Lacey Channing Pictures

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