Aspen Martin Nude as She Takes Off Her Shiny Bikini

Aspen Martin bikini
Getting ready to strip down and take off her shiny bikini

Aspen Martin on This Years Model is simply one of my favorite websites for a bunch of reasons.  Their images are tasteful and classy.  The girls seem like the girl next door type.  And most of all… they have Aspen Martin.  And they just came out with this new photoshoot of her in a shiny bikini and it doesn’t disappoint.  You can see more of this photoshoot and many others on ThisYearsModel

You can also check out some other girls from This Years Model to see what I mean when I say they are classy and well done photo shoots:  This Years Model Photoshoots

Aspen Martin cleavage
Leaning over showing us her cleavage

This isn’t the first time we have talked about her.  We have a couple other articles on her:

Aspen Martin shows her summer styles and Lemon and sunshine

Aspen Martin bikini ass
Pulling the straps back on her bikini top as Aspen Martin shows off her perfect ass.

Aspen Martin’s Other Work

Other than the work she is current doing with This Years Model, there have been lots of other projects too.  Before she was known as Aspen Martin, she was known as Aspen Parker.  She’s posed for 18 Eighteen, Hustler and more.  We have a ton of galleries and pictures of her, both from This Years Model and from her earlier work.  Check them out here: Aspen Martin Galleries

Aspen Martin
Aspen in her shiny bikini bending over

Aspen Martin Social Media Accounts

Yeah she is on social media too.  You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.  That’s it for now… enjoy this sexy babe!

Aspen Martin

Aspen Martin boobs
Taking off her bikini top
Aspen Martin topless
Standing topless looking extremely hot as she shows off those breasts.

Aspen Martin

Aspen Martin
Laying down giving us a great view of her ass
Aspen Martin nude
Finally she is fully nude… awesome!
Aspen Martin nude ass
Showing us her nude ass

Aspen Martin

Aspen Martin
Show us those breasts!
Aspen Martin
Great ass shot in her bikini.

Aspen Martin

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  1. OMG!!!! My dick feels sooooooo good when I look at Aspen

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