All Roads Leading Back To Jessa Rhodes

Ever since I watched “A Gonzo Story – Sister Swapping” with Jessa Rhodes in it, I haven’t been able to take my mind off her.

Jessa Rhodes

Jessa Rhodes just recently got voted AGAIN as one of the top porn stars of 2019 and that title is rightfully deserved by this super stunning blonde! She’s been voted into lists before, check out Porn’s Dirty Dozen of 2015 and you know she’s a porn actress that belongs with other high caliber performers.

But what makes her so special that she’s left a permanent mark on my brain?

Read on and find out, but beware, you might find yourself on the road leading back to Jessa Rhodes each and every time you want to get your rocks off.


Jessa Rhodes Vital Stats

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 120 lbs

Measurements: 32D – 25 – 36 (originally a B cup before the breast enhancements)

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Jessa Rhodes

Jessa Rhodes has pink perky nipples on top of each mound and has a beautifully shaped, totally shaved vagina (with blonde pubic hair if unshaved) that drives men insane. Fans are still divided on her decision to enlarge her boobs though.

Jessa Rhodes’ ass when she started isn’t as firm as it is today. I guess a few squats at the gym really toned that butt up.

Jessa has tattoos all over her body with the one on her right forearm as the most prominent. It has undergone some transformation over time and is now really bold and beautifully rendered. She has a flower design on her lower back and a cheetah spot behind her ear. All of her tattoos are beautifully done unlike those found on other porn stars. 

Early Life

Jessa Rhodes was born on June 29, 1993 in Portland Oregon. She looks like a Scandinavian goddess because she has Viking blood running through those veins. She was home schooled until the 6th grade and became the ultimate adolescent boy’s fantasy when she entered high school after that. The once shy girl from a Christian home blossomed into a sexual minx almost overnight.

She moved out at an early age. 15 to be exact, and started working at local fastfood restaurants. She was a workaholic at an early age and eventually turned to nude modeling and stripping by the time she was 17. She ultimately became a webcam model which opened up doors for her to star in porn once a legit manager discovered her.

Entry Into Porn

Jessa Rhodes entered porn right after she turned 19. Her experience as a webcam model gave her the confidence to pass her first audition with flying colors. She immediately racked up a huge number of films because she was always in demand thanks to her beautiful face and natural body. To date, she has over 170 films to her name including Sisters Of Anarchy, Meet The Fuckers, Justice League XXX, Magic Mike XXL and A Gonzo Story – Sister Swapping.

Jessa Rhodes

She’s focused on providing a classy performance. So far, she’s managed to do that despite the huge number of films to her name. she’s also been known to buy footage back to destroy if she’s not satisfied with her performance. She started out with solo, girl-girl, blowjob and boy-girl scenes. She eventually transitioned to threesomes, gangbangs and BBC as demand for her to do it soared.

Jessa Rhodes has been onscreen with the top male and female names in the industry. There’s no doubt about it that she is regarded as one of the hottest and most sought after stars in the adult film industry today. She continues to be a highly sought after porn star thanks to her beautiful face and body.

Jessa Awkwardly Lost Her Virginity At 15

Jessa Rhodes lost her virginity at 15.

It was at best an awkward defloration.

It was with a guy she was friends with and she just wanted to lose her virginity just to get it over with. So they headed to this guy’s place and proceeded to make out on his bed before getting totally naked. As soon as she was wet enough with a combination of clumsy fingering and pussy licking, he placed it in.

Jessa Rhodes

It was painful.

It was her first time.

She was such a small girl with tiny tits and an all-natural body.

5 minutes into their “love making” session and his dad walks in on them while she was on her back, with arched hips meeting his amateur thrusts. They had to pause while he had a shouting session with his dad. It turned out his dad was making fun of him about claiming she was just a friend. As soon as the bedroom door closed, they finished doing it, got their clothes back on and headed out.

She continued to see him for a few weeks and they had sex a few more times before calling it quits.

Jessa quickly racked up the numbers after going through a party phase before entering the porn industry. She reckons she had fucked around 20 guys before becoming a part of the industry. Probably more if she can remember those she drunkenly did it with.

She’s Really DTF

Part of her appeal as a porn star is that you really see someone onscreen having fun while doing it instead of acting like she loved getting penetrated. She likes older guys and average to oversized dicks.

If you’re a bit on the small side, you probably won’t have a chance to get into her panties. Females are always welcome though.

She’s also into kinky stuff. Once, with an old boyfriend, she stuffed a cucumber up her pussy on a dare. She also experimented with having group sex sessions before her entry into porn. She was also into girls before realizing it’s just as fun to suck a cock as it is to lick pussy.

She’s Got A Really Good Head And She Gives Really Good Head

One of Jessa Rhode’s most important assets is her brain. This is not your typical porn star who just skipped out of college to make some real money fast. Jessa Rhodes actively participates in business decisions affecting her career.

Jessa Rhodes

She has the credentials to back it up too. She studied to get a Business Associate’s Degree as a pre-med requirement to become a Veterinarian. Her plans ultimately include repopulating tigers in Asia within a sanctuary that operates differently from the norm.

Well that’s one way to show them that not all blondes fall under the “dumb” category.

Jessa Rhodes

Now about her giving head, Jessa Rhodes has proven it time and again that she gives really good blow jobs. And there’s something very empowering knowing that woman sucking your cock can hold a really good conversation in the morning.


You Think You Got A Shot At Jessa Rhodes?

Sure, by now everyone’s blown his or her load on Jessa Rhodes’ performances but is there a possibility of getting it on with her for real?

The answer is yes!

Jessa Rhodes

Jessa Rhodes loves her fans. She’s built her career on pleasing fans all over the world. She loves meet and greets and always has a ready smile for anyone who comes up to her. Just try not to do it after she’s had a long flight. If she has her hoodie and sunglasses on, try to leave her alone. She’s a grumpy customer a few hours after a red eye trip.

If you have SnapChat, you could be one of the lucky few fans that gets to meet her and possibility have one of your wildest fantasies come true.

There are a lot of rules though. So check ‘em out and have fun.


Get In Touch With Jessa Rhodes On Social Media

Jessa Rhodes is very active on social media. She also has her own website that lets her connect to fans all over the world. If you want to get in touch with Jessa, here are ways how:


Twitter: MissJessaRhodes

Instagram: MissJessaRhodes


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Jessa Rhodes

Jessa Rhodes

Related Questions:

Is Jessa Rhodes Currently Dating Anyone?

Miss Jessa is currently single & enjoying it. Her very busy schedule prevents her from entering into a serious relationship now. This busy lady has her schedule filled with school and business engagements. She also runs her own website and social media platforms and that requires serious commitment.

What Sex Position Has Jessa Rhodes Not Tried Yet?

Jessa Rhodes loves the missionary position in her personal life as well as a little doggy and girl on top every now & then. She still regards herself as that shy Christian girl who grew up to become one of the hottest porn stars in the world. She has tried all the known sex positions in her career.

Who Are The Top Adult Performers Jessa Rhodes Has Done It With?

Jessa has had the opportunity to work with the top names in the porn industry. She has partnered on-screen with Johnny Sins, Mandingo, Charlotte Stokely, Mia Malkova, James Deen, AJ Applegate, Chanel Preston, Manuel Ferrara, Bambino, among others. She continues to work with these people to this day.

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