Jenna Jameson: The one Jenna to rule them all!

We may have said goodbye to Jenna Presley because she chose to heed a different calling but there’s still a bunch of Jennas in the porn industry for us to enjoy. What better way to start the Jenna series then to go with the most famous of them all right?

Yep, I’m talking about Jenna Jameson, the most famous Jenna of them all!

Jenna Jameson

Nope, I’m not being biased here. She’s the one and only Jenna that comes into the minds of people when you mention the name, so here goes.

Having an intimate knowledge of one’s history allows you to avoid making past mistakes in the present.

I’ve always held on to those words as true, so let’s revisit the past shall we?

One of the most important women in Porn history is Jenna Jameson. She started out as a strip club dancer and worked her way into the Adult Film and Video Industry. It didn’t take long for her to rise up to the top thanks to her extremely good looks, fantastic body and strategically planned ascension through proper connections in the industry.

She was once one of the highest earners in the porn industry thanks to her sold out videos and other marketing products.

Jenna was the first real porn star who looked like she was too young to be in porn. Add her bubbly personality and young looks and you’ll understand why she was the most sought after porn star during her time. There simply wasn’t anyone then who could rival her in the looks and physique department. And she didn’t look like a tired old porn star that we had gotten so used to seeing in the old days.

Jenna Jameson

Jenna was the typical blonde girl with big tits and a pretty face that you fantasized about except this time she looked exactly like your age and not like a MILF. She had the cute, blonde girl next door look going and that launched a million sperm in the air all over the world.

Jenna Jameson

Anyway, Jenna’s filmography has more lesbian and non-sex entries than most porn stars so this is quite unique for a top adult star as she didn’t necessarily have to have sex with men to become the number one favorite adult star in the world! Heck, most of what she did was comment on the sidelines and just be there as eye candy. That doesn’t mean she didn’t do it with men onscreen though. Some of my favorite scenes with Jenna in them are the ones she had with Randy West as her partner in solo sex and threesome scenes. The threesome scene came first though and she was probably the only woman I’d known in porn who was able to say no to Randy West. She did get fully naked though and he was able to get her clothes off but he wasn’t able to get inside her… that time. He did manage to convince her to come back and they did it for real this time but without anyone else there to share the pleasures of the flesh with them. And man was that a great scene or what?

Jenna Jameson

Later on, in her memoirs, Jenna stated that she called the shots and she asked to do it with Randy West because she had a falling out with her boyfriend then. So, she is the shot caller at all times!

After that, more film offers came her way but she opted to only star in lesbian only or non-penetration films (with males) or blowjobs. No sex on camera.

Did that stop us from liking her?

Not one bit!

We lapped everything that came out with her in it and that’s what helped her make a fortune. She branched out to other aspects of the porn industry and was able to show the world that she was quite the entrepreneur!

Jenna Jameson

There was a time that everything porn related had her face on it. That included everything from DVDs, shirts and other merchandise. She launched the Jenna brand and it became a huge success. This gave her even more power to really decide where her career was going to go. Sadly, that meant we would see less of her naked body but a good thing for her because she was really able to live the life of a porn star without baring everything onscreen.

Jenna Jameson

She is the equivalent of the American dream to porn stars here and abroad. She is the inspiration young girls starting out in porn aspire to become. She is Jenna, the one Jenna to rule them all!

Jenna Jameson officially retired from the porn industry in 2008 and has even stated that she would never, ever, ever come back…

Jenna Jameson

But for those who still want a piece of Jenna, she has been active as a Webcam model since 2013. So, she may not be back in the Porn Industry totally but she’s still relevant in some way through her webcam videos and other Jenna Jameson products in the market today! Oh and you should follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, she engages her fanbase regularly and her posts are great!

Jenna Jameson

For those who want to feel what it’s like to be with Jenna, you could order her sex doll or better yet, get the Fleshlight with Jenna’s authentic pussy replica. That’s the closest you’ll probably get to enjoy what it’s like to be with her. Or you could do it on the cheap and just backorder magazines with her on the centerfold or buy a poster and whack off to that. You shouldn’t be ashamed to wank off to her, we’ve all done it at one point or another and Jenna was the only porn star worth wanking off to.

Jenna Jameson

Oh and before I forget, she did release a book way back a few years ago so if you really wanna get to know her more, make sure you pick that one up and read it from cover to cover. Only then will you get a clearer understanding of what makes Jenna the most famous Jenna of them all!

Jenna Jameson

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