The Curvy Serenity Taylor Is To Watch Out For

Serenity Taylor is what you may describe as a curvaceous babe that has a lot of cushin’ for the pushin’.  Yup, and sometimes, that is a total turn on for those of you who think you are a gift to women.  Yup, like a Khal of the Dothraki.  Nothing but serious, rough banging.

Check out Serenity here.  Well-stocked in all the right places.  Like she was made for a sexual marathon.  Oh, don’t you just love that?!

Who is Serenity Taylor?

Serenity is an American adult actress who is fairly new in the industry; only starting in 2020 and has performed with TadPoleXXXStudio.

She is born and raised in Arizona and claims to have had a shitty childhood…

“I had a really bad upbringing but that’s ok.  In school, I just kept to myself a lot.  I did online high school.”

Serenity decided to join the industry because she likes having sex and the thought of making money while doing what you love made her decide to just be a pornstar.

Hot Curiosities

Serenity is into tall guys. She said that race doesn’t matter but she prefers African-American guys.

If she didn’t go into porn, she’d be in beauty school, she said.

She likes to sleep (as in sleep) a lot and she still keeps a part-time job.

Serenity enjoys going to raves and listens to Electronic Dance Music, Rap, and hip hop.

Her favorite is Mexican food and she doesn’t watch a lot of movies and TV.

Sex Talk

Her natural 36DD began growing when she was 12 and yes, she got a lot of attention in school from that.

She lost her virginity when she was 14 in a bathroom at a park.  After that, she started to love having sex and had her fair share of sleeping around.

“I went through my slut phase at 15.”

Her favorite position is doggie because of her ass, she said, she can just throw it back and she loves it.

She gets turned on by throat gagging and she loves spitting in her mouth.

Serentiy here is also a squirter…

“I’ve never had a guy made me squirt though.  I only had one guy do it and that was a fuck buddy.  I can make myself do it.”

She masturbates every day.  When she wakes up and before sleeping.  And yes, with toys.

She prefers cum on her face and she is also a swallower.

As for the kinkiest she’s ever done…

“The wildest thing, I slept with my ex-best friend’s boyfriend in the school playground.  We fucked and then I went to see her.”

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