Petite And Plump: Lola Foxx’s Insane Sexual Appeal

What are you going to do if a woman exactly like Lola Foxx bends over in front of you?  Well, probably nothing since we’re all gentlemen here.  But if she lifts her skirt to show you how round and plump her buttocks are, well… that’s a different story.

Lola Foxx

Her curvaceous, next-door-neighbor beauty is asking for a good doggy.  And yes, I know you’ll agree as admit or not, that is the first position that came into your mind when you saw this article’s featured photo.

Who is Lola Foxx?

This 5 footer, 32B-24-36 babe is an American nude model and adult actress.  Known by her fans as a ‘bubble butt’ beauty, Lola is a fantastic former female performer who is famous for her captivating curves and sultry girl/girl sex scenes.  Lola Foxx, the multi-talented adult film star, always kept her passionate fan base coming back for more, whether she was shooting some award-nominated sex scenes, updating her official solo website with some seductive photo sets, or performing some fantastic feature dancing acts.

Lola Foxx

Before the Banging

Lola Foxx was born on November 1, 1991, in Los Angeles, California.  She is of Sicilian heritage.  Lola has always been a gregarious, athletic, and fun-loving person who was a member of her high school cheerleading squad as well as an active member of her school’s chorus and theater club.

Lola Foxx

“I was a theatre kid in high school; I did musical theatre, I did choir and dance.  I also did cheerleading and soccer.  I was always really into being in the spotlight and had the desire to be a performer and that’s something I always wanted to do professionally.”

Career Journey

When she was 18 years old Lola began performing as an exotic dancer at the Spearmint Rhino nightclub in Van Nuys, California.  Whilst working as an exotic dancer, Lola met several girls who performed in the adult film industry as well as go-go dancing.  In fact, following the advice of one of her fellow dancers, Lola decided to pursue a career in the adult film industry in June 2011.

“I decided to get into porn, I was about 20 when there was a girl named Audrianna Angel who worked at the strip club with me.  She used to do porn and I was intrigued by it.  I had always been intrigued by it. She told me all about it and it sounded like so much fun.  I got into porn wanting a career and I started doing girl/girl porn for 6 months just to get comfortable and stuff and I loved it!”

Lola Foxx

Lola got her start in the adult film industry in June 2011 when she shot her first sex scenes with Kelly Klass for the prominent porn site ATKingdom.  Lola adopted her porn star stage name ‘Lola Foxx’ because she adored Lola Bunny and the 1996 film Space Jam, which was one of her favorite childhood films.

“I wasn’t that sexually experienced so I was really nervous for my first shoot. It was a girl/girl with Kelly Klass for ATK and driving to set I was still nervous that I thought about turning around. When I got to set, it was totally the opposite of what I thought it would be. The director was so nice, so professional, and made me so comfortable. I had so much fun!.”

Hot Curiosities

Lola is a fan of the ink and she’s got a pink hibiscus flower design across the right side of her bikini line and tiger lilies floral designs across her upper back.

When not busy, she just likes to stay at home, watch TV, and cuddle with her dogs.  She also loves going to the beach and doing yoga.

“And because I was a stripper, I love pole fitness.  I have a pole in my house that I play on all the time.”

Her favorite TV shows are Game of Thrones, Finding Carter, Day Donovan, Bates Motel, and American Horror Story.

She is a fan of dark, indie films and she loves Pulp Fiction and anything from Lars Von Trier.

As for music, Lola here listens to everything.  She loves classic rock like The Doors, Janis Joplin, Zeppelin, the Beatles and she also loves hip hop like Tupac and Kanye.

Lola Foxx

She can also be a super gamer…

“I used to play World of Warcraft.  I was addicted for two weeks.  I downloaded this free trial and now I know why.  They know they’re going to suck you in and I would play for 8 hours straight without eating or going to the bathroom.  After the two-week trial was over, I didn’t buy the game because I knew it was going to be bad.”

Sex Talk

Lola has had a bubble butt since she was little and her mom used to tell her that one day she would be proud of it…

“I would say, ‘Ewww, that’s so gross!  I don’t want a big butt!’  And I totally didn’t know that it was sexy until I was about 18.”

She lost her virginity at 15. It was on 4/20 and her then-boyfriend ditched school to go to a party, smoke weed, and have sex with her.

She didn’t become promiscuous after…

“It was so bad, obviously, because that was my first time and it didn’t interest me too much.  I was kind of the slutty virgin teen.  I would compare myself to the girl in American Beauty, the main character’s best friend who’s really a virgin but she acts like a slut.  That was me.”

Lola Foxx

Lola slept with only 5 guys prior to porn.  Oh, and she got experiences with girls, alright…

“Oh yeah.  I have always loved girls and knew I loved girls since I was about 6th grade.  I actually had my first sexual dream about a girl back then.  After that, I realized that I liked women.  But I was really shy about it.  I didn’t want anyone to think that I was the creepy lesbian so I was really shy about going after girls.  A girl went after me when I was about 17 or 18 and ever since then, I was totally comfortable with approaching girls and I totally love being with a woman!”

Lola’s favorite position is cowgirl because she can have the most intense orgasms from it because the dick is hitting her g-spot, she claims.

Lol loves dirty talk and she loves a guy who’s really good at it…

“I like guys who are domineering.  If a man just throws me around in the bedroom, that just turns me on.  Kissing.  I love choking and hair pulling. I love everything.  I love clit stimulation.  I’m a clit girl.  I love the Hitachi.  I love to 69.”

She masturbates at least once a girl with the use of her hands or her Hitachi.

“But I don’t use it often (Hitachi) because I heard girls desensitize themselves with it and can only cum from the Hitachi.  I try to only use it on special occasions.  Honestly, in my personal life, I just like my fingers.  I like to slide my fingers in myself and rub my clit and I like to taste myself.”

Lola Foxx

Lola is a swallower and really loves cum in her mouth.  She just doesn’t do it on camera but she does it a lot at home and also really loves it when her husband cums in her pussy.

As for the kinkiest she’s ever done…

“(I) Had sex in a movie theatre full of people.  I’ve also had sex on a playground at night on all the equipment.”

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Lola Foxx

Lola Foxx

Lola Foxx

Lola Foxx

Lola Foxx

Lola Foxx

Lola Foxx

Lola Foxx

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