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This babe, right here, folks is Paisley Porter.  She will be a favorite of yours after this article.  Oh, and I’m pretty sure that you are going to bookmark this one and will probably save a few of her photos to you know…

Who is Paisley Porter?

This 5’1″, 34C-24-34 bab is an American adult actress, nude model, and former gymnast who made her debut just last year.  And within just over a year, she has garnered fans all around the globe due to her super hot scenes from productions such as 3rd Degree, Kink, Blacked, and Team Skeet porn productions.

Before the Banging

Paisley Porter (also known as Bailey Mattingly back when she was doing just nude modeling) was born on October 13, 1995, in San Diego, California.  Paisley was a talented gymnast throughout her childhood.  In fact, Paisley Porter trained for the Olympic gymnastics team and she was a top-ranked professional gymnast for over 10 years before a back injury forced her to retire.

“I lived a very normal life there except for the fact I was training for the Olympics in gymnastics for most of it.  I would wake up and go to school at the gym.  And then I would work out, then go to the second round of school, then workout again.  I pretty much never saw the light of day during my gymnastics career.  Unfortunately, I did end up injuring my back and I didn’t end up making my goals. I was 16.  Gymnastics has an expiration date for the Olympics.  Gymnasts are about 16 when they go to the Games and 18 is pretty much old.  If you get an injury around that time, it’s kind of detrimental to your career.  I graduated and moved to San Diego to pursue modeling.”

Career Journey

After graduating from high school, big tits blonde bombshell Paisley Porter moved to San Diego, California, in order to pursue a career in modeling.  Paisley had always wanted to shoot for Playboy and you’ll be happy to hear that she modeled for Playboy as well as Hustler before she decided to take things to the next level and shot her porn debut in 2019.  Paisley modeled for Playboy under the stage name ‘Bailey Mattingly’ and she shot for Hustler under the stage name ‘Misty Matrix’.

Paisley made her official porn debut in the spring of 2019 and she signed with Nexxxt Level Talent.

As for her stage name, she always liked the name ‘Paisley’, she said.  It sounds kind of innocent to her and she sports that innocent look. She went through around 1500 names before deciding on ‘Paisley’.

Hot Curiosities

Paisley here likes guys who would do things that she does like going hiking with her dogs or traveling and fishing (Paisley here is a dream girl, man).

“Someone who likes to do that stuff which is why I’m drawn to older men because guys my age don’t like to do that stuff.  They like to be in the club.”

As for girls, she also likes them to be the same.

Paisley here likes old music like 80s rock and she considers the Eagles as one of her favorite bands.

Her favorite movie is I Am Legend and her favorite TV show is The Office.

Paisley’s favorite food is Spaghetti and barbecue.

Sex Talk

Paisley lost her virginity when she was only 15.  It was in an orgy and they were playing Truth Or Dare at her friend’s house.  There were 3 girls and 2 guys. It was also her first (kind of) threesome experience.  She fucked one and gave the other a blowjob.  Oh, and she fooled around with all of the girls. And that was also her first experience with girls.

After that experience, Paisely here became promiscuous.

“I think it’s because I didn’t go to a normal school my whole life so whenever I got introduced to public school and sexuality, I just went HAM!”

She had about 15 girls prior to her adult career.  Boys?  Well, she lost count.

Her favorite position depends on the person she’s having sex with but her standard is doggie.

Paisley here is a giver and she loves giving blowjobs.  She likes seeing somebody being turned on. And that gets her going.  That turns her on the most.

She masturbates 4 times a day using her magic wand and dildos.

She prefers cum on her face and she also likes to swallow.

As for the kinkiest she’s done…

“I’ve done sex in public spaces a few times.  To me, that was kinky because you can get caught so it gives you a rush.”

Paisley Porter Gallery

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