Eliza Eves: A Next-Door Hotness Like No Other

And wow. Just wow.  Eliza Eves here possesses a next-door beauty that we all just lust after (at least once in our lives).  She rocks a gorgeous body and sports a face that is beautiful from any angle.  And yes, that face could dominate the cosplay scene.

Eliza Eves

The young-looking hottie is a joy to watch.  But of course, we suggest you read this article in its entirety first before you go looking for her scenes.

Who is Eliza Eves

This 5’6″, 34D-30-40 curvaceous babe is an American nude model and adult actress. Eliza Elves was born on October 7, 1998, in Tacoma, the State of Washington.

Eliza Eves

“Growing up, I moved around a lot.  I spent middle school and high school in Pennsylvania. My family is very religious, and very Catholic.  Super strict growing up; I always had to sneak out and lie about it.  I went to a Catholic school for middle school.  I went to college for a year then moved to Brooklyn where I lived for a little bit.  Now I’m just between LA and Miami working.”

Career Journey

Eliza went to college for a year but left to join the adult industry…

“I left for financial reasons and not getting along with my parents.  I was a waitress for a while and was deciding whether I wanted to go back to school.  Then I found out about camming and I was doing that from January to November of last year.  Then that’s how I got into porn, I got recruited for being a cam girl.”

Eliza Eves

Eliza came into the industry with two goals in mind: to be happy and to become a famous porn star.  She is a daring and ambitious young woman with simple job requirements: she likes money, dislikes bosses, and prefers to be naked.  Eliza began her porn career at the end of 2019 and has since appeared in at least 50 scenes.  She is also represented by 101 Modeling Agency.

Eliza only appeared in B/G scenes and collaborated with many famous porn actors, including Alex Adams, Billy Boston, J-Mac, Ryan Madison, Sean Lawless, Tommy Wood, Tyler Steel, and many more. ManyVids.com, Team Skeet, 5K Porn, The Score Group, Bang, AM Kingdom, LA New Girl, Karups, Desperate Pleasures, Eye On the Guy, and other studios have given her scenes to shoot.

As for how she got her stage name…

I always loved the name Elizabeth and when I was trying to think of a stage name, I asked my friend who was a stripper, she asked what name did I always want to give my dog?  So that’s where that came from and Liz is too common so I picked ‘Eliza’ instead.

Hot Curiosities

Eliza loves to go to music festivals and parties.  She likes to listen to EDM, techno, rap, and pop music.  Her favorite performers are Tame Impala, Tyler the Creator, and Bassnectar.

She is interested in art, especially in painting.

If she doesn’t hang out with her friends, she is usually hiking…  Oh, and smoking weed is a part of her lifestyle.

Eliza is a vegetarian and likes Asian food. Her favorites are vegetable Sushi rolls.  She still creates her own porn content that you can see on her OnlyFans and Snapchat profiles.

Eliza Eves

Eliza is pansexual and she is attracted to people who are nice…

“It’s more about being a nice person if I vibe with them.  I like open minded person and kind of calm and down-to-earth.”

Her favorite movies are Spirited Away, Inception, and Studio Ghibli films.  And her fave TV shows are Bob’s Burgers, Midnight Gospel, and Rick and Morty.

Sex Talk

Eliza’s natural 34D began growing in the summer between her 7th and 8th grade.

“I remember in 6th and 7th grade, I was an A cup and then I went to a C cup in half a year.”

She said she was a tomboy growing up so it didn’t get a lot of attention.  Eliza discovered porn as a young teen and she started to masturbate not so long after.

” I really liked any kind of amateur porn. I really liked lesbian porn too.  Or rough sex porn.  A lot of different kinds.”

Eliza Eves

Eliza lost her virginity when she was 15…

“It’s kind of embarrassing but I’ll tell it.  I was dating this guy for a month and we went to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Then we started making out and we went to his car on the parking deck and that’s where I lost my virginity.”

She also experimented a lot after that experience and says she was quite the nympho.  Eliza slept with around 50 guys prior to her porn career.  And yes, she also had experiences with girls (her first time was when she was 18) and had about 10 to 15 before her adult stints.

As for that first girl-on-girl experience…

“She kind of seduced me.  She was my best friend and I hooked up with this guy.  She also wanted to hook up with this guy.  She said, ‘We should just go together!’ and then we started making out and we had a threesome.”

Eliza says she is bisexual, even though she only made one lesbian scene.  She figured out that she is attracted to the Spanish kind of girls.

Her favorite sex position is the doggy style. Spanking her ass, hair pulling and choking are the things that excite her.  Yup, Eliza likes rough sex.  The rougher the better are her words.  When it comes to a size of a dick, the same principle follows – the bigger the better.

She never liked creampies because most of the time, she isn’t on birth control.  Her favorite places for guys to cum are on her face or tits.  She is also a swallower but only on screen.

Privately, she says she masturbates a couple of times a week.  She likes to play with her nipples and her pussy and clit.  Since she is using her vibrator, she quickly cums a couple of times in a minute.  Sometimes, when the game gets hot, she likes to put a finger in her butt-hole.

As for the kinkiest she’s ever done…

“I had a guy completely tie me up one time with a harness around my breasts and my hands tied behind my back.  He held me with a handle on my back and fucked me like that.  And then another time, a guy put a bar between my feet and tied me to the bed and fucked me like that.”

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Eliza Eves

Eliza Eves

Eliza Eves

Eliza Eves

Eliza Eves

Eliza Eves

Eliza Eves

Eliza Eves

Eliza Eves

Eliza Eves

Eliza Eves

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