A Young Super Hot Lass Named Paris White

Paris White is so scorching hot you’d forget where you are and what you are supposed to be doing.  This bombshell possesses a fit cheerleader body and she is as fresh as the morning sun.

Paris White

Oh, you’d just drift away into a naughty fantasy right away.  But before you do that, please try to finish this entry as the gallery below is just as hot as the midday sun.  Yup, you’ll truly whip your junior and just smack it until you get to temporary heaven.

Who is Paris White?

This 5’1″, 32B-24-34 bombshell is an adult actress and model who is in the industry for 4 years now.  She has attracted a devoted fan following due to her steamy sex scenes for Bang Bros, Mofos, Reality Kings, and Team Skeet.

Paris White

Before the Banging

Paris White was born on February 12, 1998, in Tampa, Florida but she grew up in a small town in Montana.

Paris White

“When I was in Montana, I went to college out there.  But college wasn’t my thing so I started working a regular great job.  It was actually a really good job, I worked in finance before I got out here.  And it was so fucking boring.  I decided I can’t do the 9 to 5 my entire life.  So I knew I was going to do something amazing.  I always wanted to move to LA because, in high school, I did a lot of theatre.  I lived in New York for a very short time doing some theatre stuff and it’s kind of a great fit.  I worked in Montana for a year before I decided to make the move out here and I never looked back.  I seriously drove 21 hours from Montana to Los Angeles.  I just packed whatever could fit into my car and I was off!”

Career Journey

Hussie Models represents Paris, who made her official porn debut in late 2018.  Paris White’s early sex scenes include a raunchy anal creampie sex scene for Backroom Casting Couch in November 2018 and her sizzling interracial porn debut with Jax Slayher, which was released in December 2018 via Interracial Pass.  In several of her early sex scenes, Paris White is credited as ‘Alyssa.’Paris White

As for how she got in the industry…

“At first, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into.  But I was researching some other girls and just looking at their lifestyle and it seemed like so much fun.  The first scene I did, they paid for everything and flew me out there and it was so fucking fun. That first scene, I was so hooked into it.  There are so many avenues you can take with this, it’s just not shooting all the time. I’ve learned so much over the past 3 years and now I have funds to pursue anything else I want to do.  And that’s the best thing about porn.  I have so much time, it’s really cool. And I can afford to live in LA comfortably.  And I get to travel! I travel so much and I really enjoy traveling.  That’s been amazing.”

Hot Curiosities

Paris is a fan of the ink and she’s got a hammerhead shark on the outside of her upper right arm, a shark on the inside of her upper right arm, flowers across her upper left arm/shoulder, and a small diamond with ‘2/10’ beside it on the inside of her left wrist.

She likes guys who are tall and skinny and with some tattoos but she is not a fan of facial hair.

If Paris didn’t enter the industry, she would be working in a bank or probably be a bartender, she said.

Paris White

Off-camera, she enjoys the outdoors.

“So I like hiking. I’m a big snowboarder and skier. I haven’t gotten to do that here yet!  I really enjoy a lot of winter sports, I miss them!  But, here, I like going to the beach and skateboarding.  I ride longboard and have my roller skates and that’s super nice here.  Venice Beach is great!  And I’m a huge foodie so I love traveling and trying new foods, experiencing new cultures…  that’s my favorite thing in the world to do, travel.”

Paris likes hip hop and electronic dance music such as trance.

Her favorite movie is The Cider House Rules and Shutter Island.  Her favorite TV show is Euphoria.

Sex Talk

Paris lost her virginity when she was 16 and she didn’t sleep around after.  She had around 6 or 7 partners prior to her porn career.

As for her favorite position…

“I’m lazy, I really like doggie because I don’t do much.  Or classic mish, it’s so good.  Or the one I think is the hottest is when you’re pushed on top of a counter and they lift one leg like it’s doggie, and your face down on the counter, that’s So HOT!’  I never got to do that one in my personal life but that’s a fantasy.  The day I guy does that to me, oh, it’s done.  We’re getting married!”

Paris likes it when a guy knows how to please a woman.  She loves being touched and her pussy eaten.  She enjoys foreplay a lot and she loves massages.

“That’s my huge fetish.  If you can massage me, oh my God, I’m wet. Instantly.  That’s a big turn-on.”

Paris masturbates every day. Sometimes multiple times a day and she said there are weeks when she doesn’t masturbate at all.

“It’s really weird.  I don’t know, I don’t have a set schedule!  Sometimes I’ll have content days and I’ll masturbate 20 times a day!”

Paris White

She loves using toys like the little bullets and glass dildoes.

Paris loves creampies and she is also a swallower.

As for the kinkiest she’s ever done…

“I’ve done kind of DP where the dick is in me and the dildo is in my ass at the same time.  So that was pretty kinky and it was in a very public place!  And I’ve sucked dick in the car before too.  A few times!”

Paris White Gallery

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Paris White

Paris White

Paris White

Paris White

Paris White

Paris White

Paris White

Paris White

Paris White

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