Tiffany Watson Will Turn You On Like No Other

Another babe here whose beauty will drive you wild.  From her hair down to her feet…  Everything about this woman is overly attractive.  She’s got the body of a goddess.  Her perky, natural breast are a joy to look at especially when it’s bouncing while she’s riding.  Her pink pussy is something that you’d eat for days and just won’t ever get tired of licking and nibbling…

Tiffany Watson

Tiffany Watson will become your favorite if this is your first time seeing her.

Who is Tiffany Watson?

This 5’2″, 32D-22-29 is an American adult actress, model, camgirl, and feature dancer who is best known for her raunchy DVDs and intensely alluring VR productions.  Tiffany has already been named Hustler magazine’s “Honey of the Month” (for February 2017) and she was nominated for “Best Virtual Reality Sex Scene” at the 2017 AVN Awards.

Tiffany Watson

Before the Banging

Tiffany Watson aka Tiffany Dawson was born on October 2, 1995, in Boise, Idaho.  She has three sisters and her parents divorced when she was very young.  Tiffany’s father became a Mormon and for four years of her life, Tiffany attended a Mormon church.  However, Tiffany has always had a rebellious streak and began to explore her sexuality in high school.  A cheerleader during her senior year of high school, Tiffany has also studied social work at college and worked at Wal-Mart before she discovered her porn star potential.


Tiffany Watson“I was adopted when I was younger… was adopted from my family into my family if that makes sense.  I had 3 other sisters and my parents were divorced.  Then my dad decided to start going to the Mormon church.  We went there for about 4 years.  I guess when I was a baby they were in the church too but I don’t remember that.  Then I started to become rebellious.  My best friend that lived down the street, she was actually going to the same church.  So we were both mischievous.  We always tried to sneak out of church because that shit’s four hours long!  It’s so dumb, I’m not about to sit there on the ground with the bugs learning some bullshit.  Then my dad moved to a different city, far from my best friend.  My mom kicked me out so I was living with my dad full-time and he was still going to church.  My mom wasn’t but my dad was.”

Career Journey

Tiffany began her porn career in 2015 when she was almost twenty years old because she was unfulfilled with her job at Wal-Mart.  She started looking for modeling jobs on Craig’s List which led to her stumbling upon an advert for Hussie Models.  In no time at all, Tiffany had flown out to Las Vegas, Nevada, and filmed her adult film industry debut for PornPros!  Unfortunately, Tiffany had some terrible experiences whilst being represented by Hussie Models so she contacted a friend in Arizona who flew her out from Florida.  From here, Tiffany was booked on a flight from Arizona to Los Angeles, California, whereupon she was signed by the exclusive adult film modeling agency LA Direct Models.

Tiffany Watson

Tiffany filmed her first ever sex scenes for PornPros and she has since been featured in the PornPros DVD Perfectly Natural 11 (2016).  From 2015 onwards, Tiffany began to star in a wide range of raunchy anal DVDs, thrilling taboo relations titles, and group sex porn productions such as Internal Love (2016) for Erotica X which was nominated for “Best Specialty Movie – Other Genre” at the 2017 AVN Awards and Young Anal Adventures (2016) for Reality Junkies.

Hot Curiosities

Tiffany likes to shop and smoke weed a lot…

“That’s one of the big things I like to do.  I’ll do it before anything I do. Before I shower, I’ll smoke a blunt.  I have a puppy named Marley.  He’s my little buddy.  We hang out all the time.  He’s the cutest little guy.  And I like to hang out with my roommate, Olivia Lua.  You can say we’re like turtles, we stay in our apartment a lot.  We like being home.”

Tiffany Watson

She likes Tech Pop and just good vibe music.  She also listens to 90s music when she’s getting ready for work.

“And it’ll take me forever to get ready because I’ll be dancing in the mirror and stupid shit like that.”

Her favorite food is chicken, lamb, and junk food.

Sex Talk

Tiffany’s favorite position is missionary as she likes to look at who’s fucking her.

She loves a lot of foreplay and likes being told what to do.

She seldom masturbates but when she does, it’s with the use of her Hitachi (her third one as of this writing).

Tiffany Watson

Tiffany likes creampies and is also a swallower.

“I usually just prefer it in my pussy because after I have sex, even in my personal life, I’m just jumping in the shower.  ‘I know you want to lay here and cuddle but I have to take a shower!’  It’s a habit.  I shower every time after I have sex!  So, yeah, I prefer it in my pussy.”

Tiffany Watson Gallery

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Tiffany Watson

Tiffany Watson

Tiffany Watson

Tiffany Watson

Tiffany Watson

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