Surprise Your Partner And Blow Her Mind In Bed

If your sex life is boring and you do the same things over and over again, do something to change it. Surprise your partner in bed. Don’t just expect your partner to surprise you… you can do it, too! Men always think that women are the ones who should surprise their partner, but men should also do things to surprise their partners. It would actually be great for your sex life to make a few surprises and spice things up with your woman!
I’ve personally tried every single thing from the list you’ll find if you scroll down and I can honestly say that it’s something I should’ve done a long time ago!

Buy Her Presents For No Reason

A woman is always expected to buy sexy lingerie and surprise her partner, so why shouldn’t you be the one who will go and buy the lingerie? Go to the store with sexy lingerie—don’t be ashamed! The saleswomen will be very happy to help you choose lingerie for your partner. Just remember to peek into her closet first before shopping so you know what size you need for her. Give her the chosen sexy lingerie and say that you couldn’t resist buying it because you already imagined her in that sexy lingerie and it fits her perfectly and it was created just for her.

Do Something New In Bed

Explore new poses, maybe find some books or apps with detailed descriptions to do new poses better and easier. She will be thrilled with the change because believe me, she must have got tired of the same poses in bed as you have. Sex sites and porn sites are a good way to go, especially if you both like watching porn. You can try doing some of the things you’ve seen in your favorite porn video and it will most definitely spice up your sex life.
One of the things you can do is to actually invite someone to join you in bed. Even though chances of agreeing which friend to ask is slim, the chance of one of your acquaintances actually accepting your offer is close to none. If you both agree to invite someone to join you, you can always check out UK escort reviews and find the best escort that you’ll both enjoy.

Give Her More Attention

Women absolutely LOVE attention. Men usually take their women for granted and stop giving them the attention they deserve and want. If you start kissing and hugging your significant other more often, you’ll reconnect and create a stronger bond. If you do something for your partner and expect nothing in return, it can be an amazing experience! You can even perform oral sex just for the sake of it. She’ll be so surprised and in the mood that she’ll be begging you to give it to her.
One more thing you can do when it comes to attention is to try and fulfill her wildest fantasies. Talking to your partner and being open about what makes you horny is a thing you should always do. Trying out things that you usually wouldn’t, but your partner wants to try is a great way to show her you care and you want to give her more attention!

Never Skip Foreplay

Even though most men think that women prefer slow, erotic moments, the truth is that rough and fast sex is equally important to them as it is to us. The only thing that women prefer is longer foreplay which will definitely help her get in the right mood! Foreplay doesn’t have to include oral sex or any kind of sexual stimulation for that matter. You can talk, compliment her, make her dinner or take a bubble bath together. Anything you can think about can actually be foreplay if you get creative and make the time you spend sexy!
If you think you’ve tried everything, check out a few sex sites. You’ll be amazed by how many freaky ideas you’ll get just by reading! Porn sites are a great place to find inspiration for foreplay, but keep in mind that real life and porn are completely different! The things you see in porn are usually different from what you can do in real life so I personally prefer reading forums and searching for free sex games I could play with my partner!

Release Sounds Of Pleasure

If you thought that only girls should scream and shout during sex, you’re wrong. Of course, you shouldn’t yell like a savage, but letting your partner know that you’re enjoying yourself is also an aphrodisiac!

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