Reasons Why You Should Consider An Escort (The Last Will Surprise You)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of seeing escorts?  Is it wrong if a man’s only experience and connections with women involve escorts?  Is it preferable to never have an experience with a woman?

Dating requires far more effort, time, and energy than paying for an attractive woman with whom you know you will have sex.  Holy crap, the number of times I’ve gone on dates and invested time in dinner/drinks only to have them go nowhere.  It’s unbelievably frustrating. Especially when the gals aren’t even that pretty, but you still think,  “Oh, fuck it, I’m going for it anyway.”  Then there’s the emotional attachment risk, which isn’t mutual even when you succeed.  Just one more thing.  I always wear a condom with an escort.  How many of us have been with that “nice, clean-looking girl” and been dumb enough to remove the condom because it feels better and there is a strong “connection”?

And so why would you go on a date if you only want sex?  Just make it clear from the outset that you only want a hookup.  I’m sure some girls like it.  Don’t deceive them by pretending you want a relationship and then abandoning them after sex.  It also feels fantastic when the other person wants to have sex with you.  But that is rare, man.  So rare.  Also, I’m sure you have heard of the saying: Time is Money.  The money spent on an 8-10 girl and guaranteed safe sex outweighs the emotional games and time/money invested in traditional dating processes.

And so again, escorts are good if you don’t want the expense and maintenance that goes with a relationship.  Escorts are good for fulfilling your physical desires…  and more.  Really.  Oh, and you may check out if ever you feel like you need one.

Are Escorts also Prostitutes?

Okay, now off to the question…  What is the difference between an escort and a prostitute?  Well, a prostitute you just hire for sex.  Yup, the oldest profession in history.  Just that. But an escort.  You can hire not just for your physical needs.  They can also be a companion or someone to talk to. An ephemeral emotional and mental relationship.  You can hire them to just listen to your rants, misgivings, or even your ups (of course, you can still have sex with them if it is stated in the contract or something).  Hence, the “escort” name.  There are a lot more to this term but you get the drift.  And now, back to why it is better than hooking up in a bar or trying to start a relationship.  Let’s enumerate, shall we?

You have a heck of a sexual appetite

If you are the type of man who has a high libido, an escort (sex worker or prostitute) may be better for you because it provides quick fulfillment.  The problem with dating is that not all women will sleep or have sex with you on the first date. Some of them will not participate in sexual activities with you on the second, third, fourth, or subsequent dates.  Some ladies want to get to know someone before engaging in physical closeness.  It is clear that dating may include spending more money over a series of dates prior to sexual intercourse than spending money on a single occasion with an escort/sex worker.

The convenience of time

Dating is time-consuming. Going out on multiple occasions, discussing each other’s lives, chatting about things, spending money on gas, and getting to know each other takes a significant amount of time as compared to precisely calculating time spent with an escort.  It sounds cliché, but there is a saying that “time equals money.”  So, while you may not be spending real money where you could literally take notes of debits and credits on a piece of paper, the amount of time you have to wait may be painful to you both psychologically and physically, and the short amount of time spent with a prostitute is why the prostitute is the better option.  Furthermore, the amount of time you spend may be better spent aiding your act of working, especially if you are a workaholic, allowing you to acquire more money as a result.

Not much effort needed

Simply having to deal with someone else might be inconvenient.  Not to sound like an asshole here but choosing the loving relationship approach requires you to face all of the challenges that are not connected with a discrete connection with a prostitute.  You may be required to attend treatment, which is a waste of time because you must consult with a mental health expert.  This could be terrible if you are the type of man who is uninterested in emotion and feelings, something that women, according to research, appear to desire, an “emotional bond.”  You may have to care for her if she is unwell, such as with the flu or a cold, perform some favors for her, buy her presents for the holidays, and so on.

You don’t have to deal with BS

Dating someone entails dealing with in-laws, however being an escort does not require any of that.  This one is self-explanatory, therefore I don’t believe I need to elaborate.  Let’s just say that certain in-laws are a hassle.  Oh, not only the in-laws.  But she also has a circle of friends.

You can never knock up an Escort

The advantage of hiring a prostitute is that you won’t have to worry about your pregnancy.  When you’re in a committed long-term relationship, you may be apprehensive about getting her pregnant.  If she is pregnant, you may have to confront the difficult issue of abortion, and if she gives birth, you may have to plan to pay child support, especially if they divorce in the future.  All that wasted money could have been better spent on an escort, but you won’t get immediate enjoyment from having to pay child support for 18 years.

They, like you, are up for a thrill (for an additional price, of course)

Escorts and prostitutes (also known as ‘walkers’ in some parts of the world) may engage in sexual activities that your girlfriend or wife is not comfortable with.  This could explain why some men prefer them.  Contrary to the lovely-duckly-almost-spiritual notion that your spouse will provide a more appealing and pleasurable experience, a sexual experience with a prostitute may be superior, albeit this description is incredibly difficult to explain in words.

No judgment, no damage

If you are suffering from a mental issue, it may be wiser to pursue the prostitute path rather than dating.  According to my research, persons with bipolar disorder have a 90% failure rate, so when you add all of the complexities to dealing with a romantic relationship, it should be clear why the escort path may be preferable.  Even speaking broadly, like with any other mental disease, some other women’s patience may be too much for them to bear.  I believe that most individuals, regardless of gender, do not want to have to deal with someone else’s mental illness and that there is substantial evidence that the stigma associated with mental illness is widespread.

You are saving yourself a lot of moolah

The long-term cost of using escorts may be less than that of a true relationship, particularly if you are a wealthy heterosexual male.  While some may argue that prostitutes are expensive, a cost-benefit analysis reveals that the benefits may outweigh the expenses when all of the previously mentioned factors above are considered, including those that have nothing to do with money.  If you don’t have a prenuptial agreement, be prepared to lose a lot of money in the event of a divorce (which is increasingly likely these days).  If you love your children and want the best for them, be prepared to spend money on them outside of child support (for example, taking them on vacation).

Oh, and did you know that escorts are also popular with married men?  Yup, not just to bachelors, folks.  And have you ever heard of the saying:  “If you treated your wife like you treated your hooker, you’d have the world’s strongest marriage.”  No?  Well, it’s saying that circulates in married men who patronize sex work.  And it has a strong point.  You see, the emotional labor is a two-way street.  Married guys give more effort to please their escorts than they do the women they marry.

Okay, maybe we’ll follow up this article with one about “sex workers” being the past and the future as I think we are over the taboo stage with that one.  Until then…  Oh, and again, check out for an escort list in your place.