Men, This Is The Proper Guide For Self Pleasure

I know that you are masters of jerking off.  I mean, you can do it quickly and everything.  Heck, some of you can even do it in a cubicle. You just pull your pants down and you can even accelerate into less than a minute.  Oh, I know.  Believe me.  But what if I tell you, that there is a more enjoyable way to do it.  Close to actually sleeping with a woman.  Zen-like.

Yup, friends.  Since we’re done on how the ladies should do it, how about we focus now on how a man can make it more pleasurable. Yup, not just release.

Note:  The pictures I’ve put in here has no connection to each subject.  Its purpose is just to make you damn hard.

1. Don’t Rush It

Slow and steady.  Focus on what you are feeling.  The sensation.  But before that, make sure you have the room all to you.  You can use lube, turn on porn, or go old-school with a magazine.  Up to you.  But don’t rush it.  I know you’re a man but we also need to be caressed.  And we can do that to ourselves.  Touch your nipple, caress your skin…  It’s okay.  It doesn’t lessen your manhood.  Like your favorite muscle car, you also need to heat up first.

Lexi Lore

2. Ballplay

The penis is not the only part of your body that can give you a sexual sensation.  You like it when your balls are getting licked, don’t you?  So pay a bit more attention to the balls than just the bat.  Fiddle it, put on lube and imagine that it’s being licked by one of our featured babes here.  I promise you will have a better orgasm later.

Ivy Lebelle

3. Lube the Staff

And since we mentioned lubing your balls, use more.  But make sure you invested in quality lube.  Ditch the lotion beside your table. It’s nasty.  Those can give you itchiness after.  Use water-based lubes. Oh, and quality lubes get you closer to the real thing which is pussy.  And you can even control the tightness.  Now, isn’t that good?

Remy LaCroix

Tip:  fill your palm with it then slowly roll your palm on the tip of your shaft.

4. Stop and Go

Another one with benefits beyond your solo act is the stop-start technique.  It helps you keep going even when you are not touching or thrusting.  The name says it all;  you start and stop.  Masturbate until you have reached a certain level of arousal and then stop.  Remember not to pause when you have reached the point of no return when you feel the semen coming out of your genitals, and you know you are going to ejaculate, and you can’t do shit about it.  The idea is to prolong that inevitability, so to speak.  During actual intercourse, this will help you prolong the pleasure.  If you can learn to start and stop during masturbation, it is even easier inside a vagina.

Nadia Ali

5. Toys can be Your Best Friends

I know you like whipping it out and getting off on your own, but the experience is even better when you have thrown in a toy or two.  Many think that toy play is mainly a preserve for the ladies, but male sex toys are all over in sex shops and they have the potential to make your session explosive, indeed.  There are even others for anal if you are the kind that likes being bold and adventurous, you kinky devil you…

Tomi Taylor

Considering the health benefits and hassle-free sexual pleasure, you should give it a try as often as you can.  Do whatever you can to make it pleasurable.  Masturbation is a natural way to explore the things that make you feel good.

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