Influencer 101: Dos and Donts When Promoting A New Product

Influencers have become one of the most powerful and influential allies of companies. With their reach and engagement, they can amplify and increase your sales with one viral post. Influencers share and post relatable photos and videos of them, which makes their followers trust them more. Their honest sentiments and experience about the product foster authentic connections leading to a higher engagement.

Now, as an influencer, what can you do to make the partnership a success? Here’s a guide!

What To Do

Stay Authentic

Take note that you have a lot of followers because you are credible, you are trusted and you are appreciated. It would be best to give out honest and genuine opinions and experiences about the product you are promoting, may it be negative or positive feedback, your honest opinion matters. If you are promoting a new product, it is recommended to share why you personally resonate with it. Make sure to share that you are really using the product to build your followers’ trust.

Understand The Product

While it may be enticing to generate easy 30-second content without any context or explanations, it would be better for your content to be more informative. To do this, you should be able to understand the product’s what, and why. Make sure to know its features, benefits, and potential drawbacks. For example, you are a teen OnlyFans star, and you are given a skincare package to promote. While this is an exciting partnership, it is somehow irrelevant to what you do. So, instead of just making a short video using it, it would be best to understand the skincare ingredients and their claims to show your viewers its effectiveness.

Create Engaging Content

Craft content that goes beyond simple endorsements. Create engaging videos, posts, or stories that highlight the product’s value proposition, its uses, and how it can solve your followers’ problems.

Show Real Life Usage

Demonstrating the product in real-life scenarios helps your audience envision its application. Showcasing how the product seamlessly integrates into your daily routine can be persuasive. You can create a famous Get Ready With Me video if you are promoting makeup products!

What To Avoid

Don’t Ignore Negative Feedback

Inevitably, not everyone will have a positive experience with the product. Acknowledge negative feedback and address it professionally. Pretending only positives exist can erode your authenticity.

Avoid Over Promotion

Bombarding your profile with promotions can make you lose your followers’ trust. It would be best to keep creating content that does not involve a collaboration or a sponsorship. Keep your lines open for new products, but do not sacrifice your valuable content.

Quality over Quantity

Maintain the quality of your content. Avoid rushing through the promotion just to meet deadlines. High-quality content reflects positively on both you and the product. Make sure to keep your schedules organized. Rushing your content can make you lose both your followers and collaborations.


Promoting a new product as an influencer requires finesse and responsibility. Following these do’s and don’ts can help you navigate the intricacies of product promotion while maintaining your credibility and fostering a genuine connection with your followers. Remember, authenticity, transparency, and a sincere focus on value are the cornerstones of successful influencer partnerships.