Discover the top escort agencies in Vienna (2024)

Vienna, the city of music, art and history, is also known for its elegant and discreet escort culture. Escort agencies in Vienna offer not only companionship, but also a deep immersion into the cultural diversity of the city, often paired with high-class service and professionalism. Here is an overview of some of the best agencies Vienna has to offer, ideal for the discerning visitor looking for exceptional and respectful companionship from an escort.

Extraklasse Escort

Extraklasse Escort stands out for its high-end service orientation and luxury escorts. This agency selects its escorts based on strict criteria that include not only looks but also intellect and personality. Clients of Extraklasse Escort can expect exquisite experiences customised to their specific lifestyles and preferences. A real highlight in Vienna’s sex and erotic scene.

Bijou Escort

Bijou Escort is one of the most renowned agencies in Vienna and stands for discretion and quality. The agency offers an exclusive selection of companions who not only impress with their beauty, but also with their education and charisma. Bijou Escort attaches great importance to a detailed selection process and comprehensive customer care, which ensures the high standard of their services.

Vienna Call Girl

Vienna Call Girl enjoys a reputation for catering to the individual wishes and expectations of its clients. The agency offers a wide range of escort services, from theatre visits to romantic dinners and city tours. Vienna Call Girl escorts are known for their elegance and ability to adapt to different social situations.

Goldentime Vienna

Goldentime Vienna offers a slightly different kind of escort. This agency is also a sauna club that combines a relaxed atmosphere with the opportunity to meet different companions. Goldentime offers an extensive selection of services, ranging from wellness offers to private hours in sophisticated company.

Grande Dame

Grande Dame specialises in providing mature companions who bring both life experience and elegance to the table. This agency caters to clients who value deeper, intellectually stimulating conversation coupled with an impeccable demeanour.


The escort scene in Vienna is diverse and highly professional, with an impressive selection of agencies to suit discerning clients. From historical and cultural exploration to romantic evenings and business escorts, the best escort agencies in Vienna offer discreet and exclusive services that cater to the desires of their clients.